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Cannot express how much has changed in the last few months. I was a daily binge eater who had no energy and dreaded getting up in the morning. I had spent years on antidepressants, and now don't feel the need for them. My fear of food has gone and I seem to have developed amnesia as forget what I have in the cupboards. My whole perspective on life has changed for the better. I would recommend tis service you won't regret it x      Alana Phillips

Was sceptical at first and then decided to see Gary about Nail biting, which I had done for over 20 years and tried to stop. Saw Gary for two sessions (5 months ago) and have not bitten them since.I'm amazed with the outcome. Gary is an execptional Hypnotherapist.                                                                                           Daryl Jenkins

Very pleased to say that I saw Gary a couple of years ago, I was so scared of flying. I have flown quite a few times since I saw Gary and glad to say that I never fly with the aid of alcohol anymore!!! I even looked forward to flying to my holidays this year!!!!!
Kate Williams

I was very nervous about flying & it was having a big impact on going away on holidays with my husband. I searched the internet for hypnotherapists & came across Gary Pugh. I booked an appointment with Gary & after having 2 sessions with him i feel more relaxed & i am no longer nervous about flying. I have been on several holidays since & i would highly recommend a visit to Gary Pugh.
Carole Pike

Testimonial - I had two sessions with Gary as I was flying to New Zealand and had a bit of a phobia around flying! Gary was the epitome of professionalism and after two sessions I set off, I was fine and it seems to have done the trick. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gary's services. Thanks
Stuart Jones

After a 30 year career involving driving hundreds of miles a week, I developed a phobia of driving. I was previously a confident driver, equally comfortable driving on country lanes as driving on the motorway at speed. However, after I took early retirement I found that I began to have panic attacks whilst driving, on a few occasions having to pull over on the motorway and allow someone else to drive. I could not understand why this was and sought assistance from counsellors and even a phobia therapist in Harley Street, but to no avail. I began to lose hope that I would ever recover my former driving confidence and independence.
Then my wife discovered Gary Pugh through a simple Internet search and she suggested I make an appointment. I was reluctant as I couldn't see how hypnotherapy with a local practitioner could work where targeted phobia therapy in Harley Street (which was very expensive and a complete waste of time) had failed. But my family convinced me I had nothing to lose and so I went along for my appointment, not expecting any success.
Gary made me feel at ease straight away and explained how hypnotherapy would work specifically for me. He worked out that I am very analytical and explained how over analysis was causing me to panic whilst driving.
After the first session I felt an immediate improvement and my family even commented that there was a noticeable difference in my confidence and behaviour. I had one more session with Gary and he told me that he didn't think I would need any more sessions. To my amazement I have now recovered my driving ability. Today I was able to drive as normal from Bristol to Swansea on the motorway. I had given up hope of recovering my driving ability before I consulted Gary. I can't recommend him highly enough for treatment of any such conditions and for his professionalism eg openly telling me that I wouldn't need any further sessions when he could have secured further payments from me. Hypnotherapy with Gary was the only thing that worked for me. You've got nothing to lose, give it a try.
Phil Tanner
Retired Tesco Stores Director

Today I went to the dentist for the first time since I saw you. I cannot believe how calm I was, even my dentist noticed. He was so impressed he's asked me for your contact details. I cannot thank you enough Gary. This is the first time in over 30 years I've been able to attend an appointment without all the dread & fear I've gone through. Thank you so very much.

I have had a terrible fear of dentists for over 30 years which prevented me even having check ups without being physically sick, then a friend of mine suggested I visit Gary. I have to admit I didn't have much hope of overcoming this problem, but was prepared to give it a go.

Gary explained what was involved and talked to me in depth about my phobia, and to my amazement after two sessions I now have no problem in attending regular checkups and even had a course of treatment. 

My dentist is absolutley blown away by the difference in me, and I have no hesitation in recommending Gary at Hypnotherapy Swansea to anyone.


Andrea Thomas

I went to the centre and met Gary, as my partner paid for my birthday to undergo the hypno gastric band. Each session I have found wonderful and inspiring. I have to admit, I was very sceptical about hypnosis, and did not believe it would really work. Gary spoke about weight loss. I won't tell you what he told me, but my goodness how his outlook about these words changed my life. I have to say it was a wonderful experience. I have never felt so relaxed and so motivated. The imagery and the aversion therapy is definitely working. I have not touched chocolate or felt the need to since having my gastric band. I feel fuller, I have not had cravings, and genuinely feel so different. I have not weighed, but definitely feel leaner and I can see changes in a matter of months, and if anyone has tried dieting, and stupid diets like I have over the years, then go and see Gary as he is such a wonderful therapist. If you follow everything he says, you will feel a difference and achieve your goals.
Angela Richards

I’ve tried to quit smoking more times than I care to remember but always suffered severe withdrawals, which meant that I kept taking it up again. With Gary’s committed help and expertise I was able to stop completely without any cravings whatsoever. I was quite frankly gob smacked by how easy it was. I had the fee back in terms of smoking within ten days. I’m utterly delighted with Gary’s approach, dedication and ultimate results.
Christine A…

I visited Gary with a view to increasing my confidence during interviews and for depression after my mother’s death. The session was extremely relaxing and Gary made me feel at ease…My friends were surprised how relaxed I was. The interview went well and I was offered the post…As regards the depression I feel that a weight has been lifted and I definitely feel more relaxed generally.
Paul G…

I have the greatest of pleasure in completing this testimonial for Gary. Not only did I find his hypnotherapy sessions extremely professional but they also changed my life. Almost miraculously I stopped smoking straight away… I have not smoked a since and consider my relationship with Gary well worth the investment (10 packets of fags).
D. Murray

I was viciously attacked by two dogs, just over a year ago and I have searched for several months to find someone to help me get my life back…. I was becoming agoraphobic and losing self-confidence…
This was the best therapy I have ever had and I felt safe throughout. Gary explained everything clearly to me and after listening carefully he gave me a way of taking back control of my thinking….
I found the hypnotherapy non-threatening and life changing in a positive way....
I have found my attitude to dogs has returned to what it was before I was attacked and I have been able to let a dog lick my hand….
I recommend Gary Pugh and encourage others to use his services.
Reverend H. Evans....

I would without hesitation recommend Gary Pugh as a hypnotherapist. He is a very professional person and efficient. Gary is a genuine caring person who loves his work. His consultations are very thorough enabling him to get to know his clients thoroughly. I would recommend him unreservedly.
Bethan T….

What an experience.! My life had lost all order and stress had finally won! …Not wanting to take medication I went this route for help. The service was professional yet also kind and friendly and I immediately felt O.K. to trust Gary to help me…He was always re-assuring. The hypnotherapy was well worth the investment. I immediately felt better and as the weeks went on I felt myself grow stronger and happier and more able to cope with things. Back to the old me! …I think everyone should go, it is a life truly life changing experience – I thank him very much.
Marnie V….

I found Gary very easy to get along with, he made the session very interesting. I was totally relaxed and the session left me walking on air…It’s now been 10 days since I stopped smoking and I know I’ll never go back to it again. Free! I have been highly recommending people to see Gary. It was worth every penny.
Joanna M…

At my first consultation Gary explained to me exactly what my treatment entailed. He made me feel relaxed and confident of his abilities to help me. I felt better after the first consultation which basically involved NLP and visualisation. The second session progressed to hypnosis which was extremely relaxing and a very rewarding experience as I have continued to improve. I would certainly recommend this form of treatment and certainly recommend Gary as a proficient and professional practitioner.
Katheryn M…

I thought the session was of good benefit as it helped me feel relaxed. I feel much more confident about myself and have much more self esteem. I have never felt this relaxed and it is a great feeling….My impression of Gary is that he is a warm person that can help you feel relaxed and can help get rid of the fear. I recommend his services to anyone that needs to be shown a new life.
Richard M….

Gary was an extremely pleasant and friendly person and I immediately began to relax. He made me feel comfortable to open up and I knew that I would not be judged…. After the initial consultation, I already felt more able to deal with stress and to be confident in myself…I had never been hypnotised before, but Gary explained the different levels of consciousness … I am very comfortable with Gary and trusted him implicitly…The experience was mind blowing… my quality of life has really improved, I don’t think I realised how bad things had gotten….My work life is more organised, I am a much happier person in general… The cost much smaller than I had anticipated and I wasn’t encouraged to have a further consultation which is always a worry….I have spoken about my treatment and have passed Gary’s details onto some of my family and friends. I wholeheartedly encourage people to seek help from Gary he has made an amazing impact on my life and I feel so much happier now.
Clare J….

My life seems to be changing for the better at long last. Lots of negative thoughts and feelings for years seem to be lifting from me. After years of looking after my family and a carer to my husband in his last five years, seem to have left me feeling numb. Along the way I lost myself. Gary is helping me find myself, my true self. At last a more positive me, and helping me look forward to my future.
Mrs J. Roach....

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