Help with weight loss in Swansea

Hypnosis for help with weight loss including virtual hypno gastric band

This page is for those people who are looking to utilise hypnotherapy and NLP for help with weight loss or gastric band hypnotherapy in Swansea.NLP is prticuarly useful for habit breaking and belief change strategies which are often associated with overeating.

Appointments have been popular for people looking to lose weight with hypnotherapy in Swansea Neath and South Wales area. Particularly the virtual hypno gastric band hypnosis in Swansea. To help decide if hypnotherapy could help, you may want to answer the following questions:-

  • Do you find sticking to diets a chore?
  • Do you find your weight going up and down like a yoyo effect?
  • Are you lacking the willpower and motivation to stay on track?
  • Does the thought of exercising send a shiver through you?

Clients who chose hypnotherapy for help to lose weight, often make reference to those questions when they first enquire about help with weight control hypnosis. Many clients explain they have tried numerous diets and attended weight loss clubs in the Swansea area, but they find it difficult to maintain their ideal weight over the long term. Some say that after each successive diet they seem to put on more weight than ever!

Weight loss hypnotherapy Swansea

At Hypnotherapy Swansea, weight loss is addressed in several different ways using the powerful techniques of hypnosis and NLP, that can include gastric band hypnotherapy.

Very often it has been found that issues of weight control are due to underlying causes that prevent the client from sustaining a healthy diet. In many cases, weight can be a symptom rather than a root cause. At Hypnotherapy Swansea, we seek to address these underlying causes, whilst seeking to create new pathways of thinking and behaving that can change a client’s relationship with food. The aim is to help the client via hypnosis, to be more in control of their eating habits and make better choices when it comes to food. In essence, if you were able to say no to food and feel good about that decision, how easy would controlling weight be for you?

There are several different approaches to weight control in Swansea to satisfy the needs of the individual. Clients often require help and support in the following areas in a Virtual Gastric band hypnotherapy or a weight management programme:

  • Letting go of the past or obstacles that prevent the path to a healthy diet
  • Breaking the continual cycles of dieting and overeating
  • Lowering the emotional response to food and overcoming cravings
  • Taking control of emotional and physical well being
  • Building self esteem and confidence
  • Developing new eating strategies and help with making better choices
  • Increasing motivation for exercise and making exercise more enjoyable

Clients are guided through a structured programme of hypnotherapy and NLP sessions that includes if required hypno gastric band and a free hypnotic suggestion CD. All the strategies and techniques used are geared toward success using well formed outcomes as the basis, rather than strategies of giving up or depriving. Are you ready to try a different approach to weight loss in Swansea?

You can learn the secrets of the naturally healthy eating plan!

To request more information or book your initial consultation, call or email Gary now via this website.

Gary is a registered (Dip Hyp) (GQHP) hypnotherapist and smoking cessation therapist, registered in the UK with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). He is a Master NLP practitioner (SNLP trained). He is also registered on the UK central register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST).

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