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              Quit Smoking today with the help of hypnosis

Quit smoking hypnotherapy Swansea

If you have been looking to use hypnotherapy to stop stop smoking in Swansea then you have found the right website. Gary Pugh is a trained stop smoking hypnotherapist based in Goseinon Swansea 

You could quit smoking in Swansea today with just one session of hypnosis. Gary is an experienced professional specialising in smoking cessation. He utilises the powerful techniques of hypnosis and NLP at the Parkhouse centre in Gorseinon. Even virtually life long smokers have used hypnotherapy to stop smoking. If you've ever considered using hypnotherapy to stop smoking contact Gary at hypnotherapy in Swansea today for a no obligation chat.

Giving up smoking today using hypnosis could be easier than you may have thought possible. Call Gary now for more information.

Most people are aware that smoking is a dangerous habit that can have a dramatic effect on life expectancy. Yet despite this knowledge, they continue to smoke. So why is this? Gary has found the answer to be 'fear'. Whether that is a fear of giving up pleasure, putting on weight, increasing stress levels, or the trauma of cravings, it all comes down to a fear that it will be a painful experience to quit.

The method Gary offers to help you stop smoking in Swansea, using Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, addresses these concerns. You will not be made to feel you are making a sacrifice, feeling deprived or feeling pain. Instead you look forward to all the positive aspects of giving up such as more energy, better health, more money, elimination of the smell of cigarettes and the probability of adding years to your life.


At the same time the feelings derived from smoking are transferred to a healthier habit of your choice so you won't feel left wanting. You won't need any gimmicks or aids or substitutes, no nicotine gums or patches. All you have to do is sit back and relax. What could be easier than that!?

Smoking cessation with hypnosis and NLP is a two-part process. In the first part you will be asked a few short specially designed questions to help you discover your reasons for smoking and your beliefs surrounding the habit. Then, we focus on what you are looking forward to as a non-smoker and resolving any conflicts you may have that prevent you from just stopping on your own. You will also discover some simple and empowering NLP techniques that can help you make a positive impact quickly. In the second part, powerful Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques are used to help you free yourself from the habit once and for all.

If you really feel like you want to stop smoking but think it might be too difficult to quit the smoking habit on your own, Gary can help you increase your motivation and overcome the obstacles you may have encountered in the past.

A person who smokes 20 cigarettes a day can be spending over £3000 a year on the habit. This means you can recover the small investment made in my stop smoking program in under two weeks. Imagine then how much you could save in the remaining 50 weeks of the year and be healthier for it. He is so confident that you will stop smoking with his programme that he offers a three-month back up session guarantee.

1000s of people from all walks of life have benefited from the powerful techniques of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Now it is your turn to discover how it can work for you!

Contact Gary today on the number above for more details and to book a session.

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