Hypnotherapy for Confidence Building

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A definition of confidence is one where a person is able to do something without ever questioning themselves or doubting whether the outcome can be achieved.


There are many things that a person can feel confident about Confidence without even realising they are confident. For example, being able to walk or drive or make a cup of tea. Everyday tasks that we take for granted. Our self image in these examples can be very high because for most people they are things they do without giving them a second thought.

In other situations however, our own self image of our competence level is not so high and therefore a person can feel unsure of themselves or even fearful of a situation. It follows that it is not the situation that a person finds frightening, (otherwise everyone would be frightened of it it) it is instead the meaning a person puts on a situation that causes the fear or loss of confidence.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can be useful tools in helping a person to build confidence. One method is by drawing on examples where a person has shown confidence in other aspects of their life and utilising these resources with the power of hypnosis to build confidence in areas where a person wants to perform better. Guided visualisation of successful outcomes and the collapsing of negative resource anchors can be used to develop tracks of excellence.

Confidence is not something that is generally on or off. It is more on a variable scale, where there are degrees of confidence. Confidence can be improved through repetition and learning and postive references of experience.

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