Anxiety states

We are changed by what we see just as we are changed when we are seen

It has been a constant source of wonder to me if our world is created from what we see, hear, smell, taste or touch or do we create our own world from our internal representations within. Are we moved by what we see or when we are seen or both. The way we perceive our world can have a significant impact on the way we feel. Our world can be largely dictated by how we believe people perceive us or how confident we feel in different situations. I think the difficulty for many of my Hypnotherapy / NLP client's is the realisation that we don't just have one self image, but many self images. That is why a person can feel confident in one situation yet feel completely intimidated in another. Very often people will be hard on themselves for not being able to do something, or at least perceive that they can't do it. So that reality for them, feels permanent and through generalisation their self image can be projected onto other scenarios causing states of (projected) anxiousness. However, as simple as it sounds if more people realised that humans have many self images and in many cases it's just that they need to develop skills rather than feel a level of helplessness. If we were to say "I can't do that yet" rather than "I can't do that" hopefully the reader is able to see that the addition of the word "yet" opens up a channel of possibility, which in itself can be uplifting. Compare that to "I can't do that" and it can be seen that there is an element of permanence about it. The mind might process that as "Can't do, won't do it" So, the way we think about things can have an important impact on how we feel about things and our confidence about our selves, our potential and the way people perceive us.


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